Hi, I have a feature/enhancement request.

Currently, the GIMP shows the program's menu when right-clicking within the
drawing area. However, this seems superfluous as the menu is already displayed
at all times. I think the GIMP's usability could be enhanced if instead, the
right mouse button did something more useful. Here's my suggestion:

- You can map a secondary drawing tool and color by right-clicking a tool or
the color palette.
- You can use this secondary tool by using it as usual, with the difference
that you use the right mouse button instead of the left one.

This adds convenience to the GIMP by allowing you to use two different tools
(or drawing colors) without having to constantly switch, and it also keeps
compatibility with (for example) 1-button mice as it's only an added

Besides the right mouse button, there are more buttons on some multimedia mice
that could be put to good use. For example, the middle mouse button and scroll
wheel are already used in a good manner, but perhaps the "next/previous"
buttons that some mice have could have actions bound to them too (like

Vincent Beers


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