2010/7/26 Fredrik Alströmer <r...@excu.se>:
> Consider a button/key which you press, which brings up
> a circle of tools around the mouse pointer, perhaps an inch or two in
> diameter (keeping it animated improves visual coherence, or so I've
> been told, perhaps have them zoom out from under the cursor), move
> your mouse to your tool (which could expand a little to make it a
> bigger target) and let go of the button/key to choose it.
> Sub-tools/variants could be a bit farther away (perhaps a bit smaller,
> and a bit transparent), in the same direction.

I personally quite like the idea but GIMP currently lacks the
infrastructure to have such feature.  Computer games have a slight
advantage of not having to deal with window managers  and toolkit
limitations as a rule. The whole UI is custom rendered anyway. There
seems to be a consensus that on canvas widgets are needed however.
There is GSoC project slightly related, but I dont know how that
progresses. Guiguru has final word on these things usually, so
discussing this in depth with him might be good, if you plan to have a
go at it.

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