On 7/25/10, Olivier wrote:

> I cannot count how many times I have been happy to be able to reach almost
> everything from a simple right-click.  If other image manipulation
> applications cannot offer this possibility, too bad for them.

Don't use 2.7 and above then, 'cause Text tool now has its own
right-click menu and its *useful*.

GIMP has three ways to access menu currently: menu bar, top-left
button where ruler's origin is and right-click menu. This is bloat.

Besides, as already mentioned, some tools can make a much better use
of right-click menu then simply duplicating contents of the whole
app's menu. Consistence in UI is a number one priority.

> interesting, new capabilities, but not try to remove somewhat which has
> existed from the first version of GIMP, simply because you don't use it.

Dear Olivier, the "because we always did so" kind of argumentation is
an utter nonsense. Please never use it. It's wrong and causes holy
wars, cancer, premature bald spots and heart attacks. Also, god kills
a kitten every time you say that.

The history of GIMP has proved that some things that were understood
as right turned out to be completely wrong.

Alexandre Prokoudine
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