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> I forgot that CUDA is not OSS.  We don't have to worry about that because we
> only use it for in-house simulations.  I only remembered it was free for
> such use.
> I know that similar stuff can be done with OpenGL, but that's a completely
> different beast.  There's also OpenCL but I don't know anything about that
> either.   At least those two solutions should work on both NVIDIA and ATI,
> but I believe the code still needs to be tailored specifically for each
> architecture.
> As for portability, I don't see that as a concern for any of these.  For
> various platforms, it would be preprocessed out.  For everything else it can
> detect and disable itself if it won't work on the resident card.
> I might look a little bit into the OpenGL solution to see if that's
> feasible, but my understanding is that it's more archaic and not as
> powerful.  And I personally don't have a reason to learn it.  Perhaps one
> day when I have time to contribute directly to an OSS project.

Doing image processing on the GPU using OpenGL and GLSL for GIMPs next
generation engine is planned and the initial proof of concept of such
a system deeply integrated with GEGL exist in a branch of the git
repository at http://git.gnome.org/browse/gegl/log/?h=gsoc2009-gpu ,
The approach taken there is to implement automatic migration of tiles
between cpu and gpu.

/Øyvind K.
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