Hi all,

It sounds like CUDA is not ideal for GIMP, but individuals on this list 
might be personally interested in it (it is free, just not OSS, might be 
good for plugin devel).  I pushed my code into a git repo:


Keep in mind that the state of the code is very immature in structure, 
but the algorithms are solid and work very fast if you have a 
CUDA-enabled graphics card.   The readme has a lot of useful information

Some timings:

Basic convolution, erosion or dilation (on NVIDIA GTX 460):
      4096x4096 image with 15x15 PSF/SE:     125     ms compute time (   
8 Hz)
      4096x4096 image with  3x3  PSF/SE:      20     ms compute time (  
50 Hz)
      2048x2048 image with  5x5  PSF/SE:       7.5   ms compute time ( 
130 Hz)
       512x512  image with  3x3  PSF/SE:       0.36  ms compute time 
(2750 Hz)

These timings are without memory transfers, which is somewhere between 1 
GB/s and 3 GB/s host<-->device.  Keep in mind that the code operates 
only on floats (which I need for my application), but it could be 
significantly faster if modified to work on 8-bit integers and batch 
memory operations in 128-bit chunks.  Maybe one day...

Let me know if you have any interest developing or simply using this code.


On 08/29/2010 02:50 PM, Jon Nordby wrote:
> On 29 August 2010 20:13, Alan Reiner<etothe...@gmail.com>  wrote:
>> This is a long message, so let me start with the punchline:  *I have a
>> lot of CUDA code that harnesses a user's GPU to accelerate very tedious
>> image processing operations, potentially 200x speedup.  I am ready to
>> donate this code to the GIMP project.
> Hi
> The first thing you should do if you want an (open source) project to
> to able use your code is to provide the code. Preferably in the form
> of a public source control repository. Without this first step,
> nothing can happen. :)
>> Please let me know if anyone is interested to work with me on this:
>> etothe...@gmail.com
> Please note that it is expected in open source projects that
> communication is kept in public channels (eg: a mailing list like this
> one) unless there is a very good reason not to. For this reason I've
> cc'ed the list in this reply, and I urge you to do the same.

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