Mirza Husadzic (mirza.husad...@gmail.com) wrote:
> > Using which rsvg function calls exactly?
> I checked the 'librsvg' and yes, there is no API exposed to satisfy this.
> Maybe the 'librsvg' can be subtly redesigned to expose this API? ;-)

I did not look at the librsvg internals, but interpreting svg data in a
way that results in a bitmap image is something very different from
preparing SVG data for easy consumption by an application. Just as an
example: Librsvg could just offload all the transformation stuff to
cairo for rendering the image. To provide path coordinates flattened
(with all transformations applied) it would have to compute the
transformations itself. So it is not obviously clear, that librsvg *has*
the data readily available for the use in the GIMP.

I don't see a good reason to abandon our own parser. If it has problems
we need an isolated testcase of a compact, validated SVG that results in
bogus paths. Then we can track this down.


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