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> Hi,
> On Mon, Sep 13, 2010 at 05:21:09PM -0300, Joao S. O. Bueno wrote:
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>> > Hello,
>> Hi
>> >
>> > I tried drawing per Script.
>> > I'm using Python.
>> >
>> > I can already use vectors for drawing circles,
>> > and set single points.
>> >
>> > I did not found a way to create rectangles,
>> > or lines.
>> You are probablu using pdb_gimp_vectors_bezier_stroke_new_ellipse
>> to draw circles, right?
> I use:
>  pdb.gimp_vectors_bezier_stroke_new_ellipse

Your way is the correct - mine was just a typo - a thing I excel in.
> So I think it's what you are talking about, just
> the absolute name is different.
>> What does prevent you from using the calls for
>> gimp_vectors_bezier_stroke_new_moveto and
>> gimp_vectors_bezier_stroke_lineto to draw lines?
> I looked for "draw" and did not find functions that do it.
> So, in short words: I did not found thos functions.

yes-- the procedure broswer has this downside --
you have to keep looking with related words if you don't find
something at first.

>> (Don't  forget to alias then in your code to shorter names, last you
>> have really undereadable stuff)
> If it does not eat up too much ressources in Python...

It does not.
What is delaying the execution is much more the nature of the PDB and
the Undo system than python.

With "aliasing" I mea just attributing the pdb functions to a local
variable - with lines like these at the start of your function (or
even at the start of your module):

lineto = pdb.gimp_vectors_bezier_stroke_new_lineto
ellipse = pdb.gimp_vectors_bezier_stroke_new_ellipse

From then on you can jsut type "ellipse( ...) " instead of the long
name designed to avoid namespace clash.
This does not create new functions - you call the very same function,
 just using another name.

> ...you mean using def for creating a function that just calls the other one?
> or are "alias"es what Python offers as a separate feature?
> [...]
>> > Aren't there pdb-functions that draw a line?
>> >
>> > Do I have to create it pixelwise?
>> > In a loop?
>> >
>> As I stated above, there are calls to draw lines.
>> Are you even using the procedure browser? (Help menu - > Procedure browser) -
> I use the procedure browser.
> But it does not help me, if I look for names that aren't there....
> ...if I look for "draw" I got nothing.
> The circle-drawing function via bezier I found by accident/chance.

If you type "vectors" you will see all teh vector related functions.
Howeer to paint straight without using a path, you have to look for
the tool name:
"pencil", "paintbrush", etc...
>> In Python you can access the image data directly, using calls to get
>> the pixel regions if you want to as well (that is about 100x  faster
>> than gimp_drawable_set_pixel  due to the function calls involved for
>> each pixel change)
> How can I access the pixel data directly?
> That would be very interesting to me, especially for some other scripts,
> where I think about even more intensive work.
px = drawable.get_pixel_rgn(top, left, width, height)
px [:, :]  = "\xff\x00\x00" * drawable.width * drawable.height()
drawable.update(top, left, width, height)

The "get_pixel_region" and "update" are methods of GIMP drawable objects.

The item assignment to set/reset pixels is a bit aukward - the example above
paints the whole drawable in red (if it is  a 3BPP RGB channel, else
you willget an
error telling the setting string is of the wrong size)

For serious work with pixel regions you might prefer to copy the pixel
data to a Numpy array - ther eyou can work with numbers from 0 to 2545
instead of having to convert all data to string prior to setting the

> [...]
>> So, besides my hints above: when I need speed on a PDB using script
>> (which includes python scripts),
>> I found out that GIMP's undo system is the cause for a significant slow down.
>> Creating an Undo group does not help - you have to disbale the undo with
>> pdb.gimp_image_undo_disable
> OK, I will try that.
> Thanks for all that hints. :)
> Ciao,
>   Oliver
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