On 11/10/2010 08:06 PM, Rob Antonishen wrote:
> Do you get better results just painting with a paint tool?

Yes... the circle isn't as circular, but the inner rim stays the same 
color throughout. Same for the square, it even rounds the corners.

> The brush you posted is not a good candidate for orientation dynamics,
> as is much wider than tall.

There are two gradient layers in the XCF, one is the brush (10x50) and 
the other is the "map" for the filter I used (50x10). But I originally 
tried with the 50x10 layer rotated 90 degrees, for the same results.

> Remember brush dynamics do not deform or distort the brush in any no
> uniform way, it merely rotates it.  You would get (marginally) better
> results with a bowtie shaped brush.
I don't expect them to, either

> Not sure about the path flipping when stroking.  If you use a gih with
> angular rotation it doesn't flip, so this looks like a bug in the
> brush dynamic engine.
> http://www.majhost.com/gallery/ffaat/gimp/more/gihtest.jpg

Nice example, but I couldn't find what  a "gih" is?

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