On 11/16/2010 11:09 PM, Alexia Death wrote:
> This should now be fixed in git.
Yes, the circle is indeed OK, but the square shape still has its top 
stroke over the rest. But I can't se how you could have it drawn 
differently. Unless you find a way to miter the angles.

> The sample xcf was really really nice for
> testing, but pehaps you coud next time host it on a site that uses english? It
> took me a while to take the time and guestimate the download link from that.

I'd love to next time if you can suggest one... not sure you would have 
the patience to wait on Megaupload or Rapidshare.

>> Rounding the corners would be a cherry on the cake :-)
> rounding corners im not so sure about as a feature. It would requre event fill
> not only based on distance but also direction... Looking into it anyways.

The filter with which I made my "expected" drawings grows the selection 
by a one-pixel ribbon and paints it using the value Nth pixel in the map 
layer (https://sourceforge.net/projects/gimp-wrapmap/) but I admit it's 
fairly slow and limited by what can be done in python and with my 
limited knowledge. I'm thinking of better algorithms, but with my 
one-pixel-wide map it's only a matter of distance, since it behaves more 
like a real wide brush (the Gimp brushes are more like stamps from a 
machine gun).

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