On Wednesday, November 10, 2010 09:40:55 Ofnuts wrote: 
> The pictures are actually a "selection to path" + "stroke path" ,
> because a direct "stroke selection" on the circle is even worse.
> >From  a user point of view, it is difficult to understand
> - on the circle: the "side switch"
> - on the square: the inversion in the top bar (I assume the reason is
> the same as in the circle), and the inconsistent overlap (the right side
> of the top bar should be under the right bar).
This should now be fixed in git. The sample xcf was really really nice for 
testing, but pehaps you coud next time host it on a site that uses english? It 
took me a while to take the time and guestimate the download link from that.
> Rounding the corners would be a cherry on the cake :-)
rounding corners im not so sure about as a feature. It would requre event fill 
not only based on distance but also direction... Looking into it anyways.

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