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> I'm using gimp for some image post-processing (via script-fu and the command
> line) and I'd like to include it in the distribution of my Flash
> application.
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> So, just to be clear, can I distribute gimp and use it to make a batch call
> from my program? Or does this violate the GPL?

The provisions of the explicit exemption stated in the LICENSE file[1]  
strongly suggest that your use case would not violate the terms of  
GIMP's licensing. If interfacing through either libgimp or the  
Script-fu server mechanisms doesn't mandate GPL licensing of your  
code, then why should command line invocation of that same  
functionality demand it?

I would offer the following recommendations to further ensure compliance:

* Your program should still work -- and provide significant  
functionality -- even if GIMP is not available.

* The GIMP supplied by you needs to be provided separately from your  
software. Specifically, the recipient needs to be able to use, make,  
and share copies of GIMP even though they may not be permitted to do  
so with your software (do not supply GIMP plus your software within  
the same ZIP file or tarball).

* The GIMP supplied by you needs to be fully functional as a  
standalone application.

* Ideally, provide an _unmodified_ version of GIMP. If you do make  
modifications to the GIMP you provide, your modifications should not  
be exclusively useful to your project (please consider submitting your  
improvements upstream).

* The user needs to be able to substitute their own version of GIMP  
for the one provided by you. If you are providing a modified version  
of GIMP, your program's use of GIMP must not rely upon the  
modifications you've made.

* You must, of course, satisfy all distribution terms required by the  
GPL for the GIMP software you are providing. It is important that you  
ensure the source code is available upon request, and that recipients  
are apprised of this availability.

Finally, keep in mind that this advice (in addition to bearing no  
legal authority) is not necessarily applicable to other GPLed  
projects. GIMP's explicit exemption provision would be considered by  
many people to be an exception to the normal interpretation of the  
GPL's scope, not merely a clarification of an amibiguity. The GIMP  
project is within their rights to provide such an exception, but one  
should not conclude that other GPLed projects offer the same type of  

[1] http://git.gnome.org/browse/gimp/tree/LICENSE

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