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> *** (Sven, Mitch) ***
> This LICENSE text should probably be updated as 'Section 2' of GPLv3
> doesn't talk about aggregations - it's been moved into section 5.  It
> might also be useful to address this issue directly as the GPLv2 is
> generally well understood to allow command line usage as an
> 'aggregation', but GPLv3 seems to muddy this distinction.

At the moment I'm not even sure if GIMP should be licensed under GPLv3 without 
a much better understanding of the license. 
For example, the fact that it is now impossible to use GPLv2-only libraries in 
plug-in wasn't considered at all. It's not such much the fact that we can't use 
them anymore, rather the problem of no one even thinking about it when we 
changed the license version to v3.

I have contacted the Freedom Task Force of the FSF in order to get help, and 
they requested more details. Unfortunately my spare time (or the lack thereof) 
didn't allow me to write a reply yet.

I'd be glad to learn about any additional side-effects of a GPLv3-licensed GIMP 
(note that libgimp* is licensed under LGPLv3) that may surprise us - but please 
base them on actual FSF information and not mere speculation.

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