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> I'm not a dev but AFAIK none of the layer group stuff es exposed in
> the pdb, so has not been added to script-fu or python.
> On 2/6/11, Javier Candeira <jav...@candeira.com> wrote:
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>> The gimp.image.layers sequence only contains the first-level layers
>> and layer groups, not all the layers. In our document, all layers
>> belong to a group, so that sequence only contains layer groups.
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>> Is there something I'm missing/doing wrong, or is this a gap in the
>> available script-fu methods?

The PDB functions already exist for handling layer groups, and  
Script-fu does not have any problem making use of these functions. The  
Python-fu extension has not yet been updated to handle groups (there  
is no 'group' class).

Unfortunately, Script-fu does not provide a way to create  
subdirectories so a direct scripting solution to Javier's problem is  
not available. Using Script-fu, each layer could be saved with the  
layer tree structure information embedded in the filenames. For example


A BASH script could then relocate these files to a suitable directory  
tree (or perhaps the animation tool could deal with the flat files  
directly, extracting the embedded information from the filenames).

Of course, writing a C plug-in would avoid these problems.

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