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> saulgo...@flashingtwelve.brickfilms.com wrote:
>> Script-fu does not provide a way to create subdirectories
> This came up in #gimp recently. It would be a useful addition to Script-Fu.
> This could be done by adding a "dir-create" function to the ftx extension
> used by the TinyScheme portion of Script-Fu. If a directory creation
> function is added then another function to add would be "dir-exists?".

Before I responded to the original post, I attempted to create just  
such a function by modifying 'dir-open-stream'. I came up with the  
following code but couldn't figure out how to build it out-of-tree in  
a way the original poster could use without recompiling his GIMP (the  
#include of scheme.h and scheme-private.h were basically where I  
bogged down).

It should be trivial to add such a function to GIT tree. A file copy  
function might also be useful (since file extensions are not always  
available to indicate the type and copying text files using  
read-char/write-char is slow and apparently unreliable).

pointer foreign_dircreate(scheme *sc, pointer args)
     pointer first_arg;
     char   *dirpath;
     GDir   *dir;

     if (args == sc->NIL)
       return sc->F;

     first_arg = sc->vptr->pair_car(args);
     if (!sc->vptr->is_string(first_arg))
         return sc->F;

     dirpath = sc->vptr->string_value(first_arg);
     dirpath = g_filename_from_utf8 (dirpath, -1, NULL, NULL, NULL);

     dir = g_mkdir(dirpath, 0700);
     if (dir != 0)
       return sc->F;

     /* Stuffing a pointer in a long may not always be portable ~~~~~ */
     return (sc->vptr->mk_integer(sc, (long) dir));

/* This function gets called when TinyScheme is loading the extension */
void init_dircreate (scheme *sc)
     sc->vptr->scheme_define(sc, sc->global_env,
                             sc->vptr->mk_foreign_func(sc, foreign_dircreate));

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