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a couple of comments

> Make menus searchable
> ... i.e. have a textbox, in te menu for example, and anything typed
> will be matched against all menu items and their blurbs and maybe
> something more (like procedures not registered in menus).

I still think the right way to do this is to have all the menus
constructed through scripting, or at least to have ways to override and
inspect all the menus from scripting.

> Implement the free transform tool
> For exact specifications, see:
> http://gui.gimp.org/index.php/Transformation_tool_specification
> (may be offline at the moment)
It had better not be :-) Let me know if there are problems with it.


> ----------
> Porting GIMP plugins to GEGL operations

Implementing a compatibility framework to run older plugins and scripts
once gegl is in place might be the best way to go here.  Think of all
those scripts on the gimp.org Web site...

> Adaptive Image Cloning (aka Semaless Cloning)

Sounds interesting.

I'd add maybe

Macro recording (actions), possibly with pop-up dialogue boxes to ask
for values;

Font selection using tags (preferably compatibly with fontmatrix and
inkscape at least)


Integrate vector layers with gegl

Better HDR support - e.g. aligning layers, (I think there may be patents
on the various hugin algorithms for combining images though)

Fractal image upscaling (required by many stock agencies these days)

PhotoShop CS6 :-) import/export

But right now, some of the most important areas are
(1) single window mode design and implementation and subsequent
redesign :-)
(2) ability to do at least basic > 8bit-per-channel processing,
preferably using gegl
(3) user interface design for everything else

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