On 02/26/2011 07:40 PM, Michael Grosberg wrote:
> I've begun working on GIMP documentation so GIMP is on my mind a lot lately.
> So, I have a suggestion - remove the pencil tool, and instead, add a checkbox
> to the brush tool with an "antialiased" label.
> My reasoning is that for a new user, the difference between "brush" and 
> "pencil"
> is not evident from their name or icon. They do pretty much the same thing 
> with
> they only difference being that pencil is not antialiased. The pencil tool is
> nothing like an actual pencil. So, if we want the UI to reflect the actual
> workings of the program, it makes sense to do this.
> The only objection I can think of is if in real-life situation people actually
> use the pencil tool in conjunction with the brush tool in such a way that they
> have a separate settings for each, and the change from one to other a lot. But
> that is what tool presets are for.

If you have a tablet, you can switch tools by reversing the stylus. It's 
meant for brush vs eraser, but someone must be using that for brush vs 
pencil :-)

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