On Sat, 2011-02-26 at 20:36 +0100, Bogdan Szczurek wrote:
> > I've begun working on GIMP documentation so GIMP is on my mind a lot
> > lately. So, I have a suggestion - remove the pencil tool, and
> > instead, add a checkbox to the brush tool with an "antialiased"
> > label.
> I'd go even further with that: make “antialiased” one of specific brush
> settings, not the “tool” itself. That way one would be able to have as
> much “pencils” predefined as one sees fit. And all that without
> touching tool tickbox back and forth if needed.

There's a difference between an aliased brush applied with the Brush
tool compared to the same brush applied with the Pencil tool. Try it.

The Pencil tool is important for tasks that require pixel-perfect
retouching, such as icon drawing, as it doesn't do sub-pixel positioning
such as the Brush tool does.

But of course under the hood it's the same paint core with just one
setting changed. But that is true for more tools. Paint tools, as the
user sees them, are solely a user interface thing. They represent a
certain bunch of properties set on the paint core. We could of course
expose all these properties to the user and doing so would allow us to
merge some tools. But actually I think it would be much better if we
would offer more presets to choose from. Instead of merging Pencil and
Paintbrush we should rather offer more variants like a "Soft Pencil"
that works more like what Liam expects, a "Hard Pencil" for pixel-pefect
icon retouching, a "Crayon", ...


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