> But of course under the hood it's the same paint core with just one
> setting changed. But that is true for more tools. Paint tools, as the
> user sees them, are solely a user interface thing. They represent a
> certain bunch of properties set on the paint core. We could of course
> expose all these properties to the user and doing so would allow us to
> merge some tools. But actually I think it would be much better if we
> would offer more presets to choose from. Instead of merging Pencil and
> Paintbrush we should rather offer more variants like a "Soft Pencil"
> that works more like what Liam expects, a "Hard Pencil" for
> pixel-pefect icon retouching, a "Crayon", ...

It makes me think that maybe it would be good to offer such presets,
agrred, but only if there's a way for user to define custom toolsets.
So, instead of one fixed palette for everyone, we would have a flexible
one. You want to draw or digipaint with GIMP? Fine! Have your own set
of brushes for that. Possibly even with some colors preassigned. You
want to retouch a photo? Okee! Have your set of smudges, patches,
stamps, whatever rows your boat :). Anyway _your_ set of tools for
_specific_ need, without a clutter of tools that you'll never use for
your task. Maybe it all could be bound in one “perspective”,
“workspace” or whatever-to-be-called that could be easily
interchangeable between users (e.g. as a sinle file). This, I think,
would give us one GIMP core with multitude of faces. Heck! Maybe even
GIMP as raw photo editor for that matter ;).

Best regards!

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