Hello all,

> Porting GIMP plugins to GEGL operations
> There are many many GIMP plugins that would need eventually to be
> converted to GEGL operations, if we want to use them in future
> versions of GIMP.

Though I'm not a student, I've been meaning to give something back to the
Gimp Project for sometime now. The idea above strikes me as a good place to
start, though I might be wrong ... am I? :-) If not, I'd need a few pointers
to get going:

1) Looking in the GIMP and GEGL dev sites, I found a list of library
dependencies for GEGL but not one for GIMP. I haven't downloaded the source
yet, so perhaps there's such a list in there. If not, where can I find it?
My computer runs a vanilla Ubuntu 10.04 install, should I expect any

2) Are there any special guidelines for writing plugins using GEGL
operations? Are they listed anywhere? (Looking at the GIMP dev site I
haven't found any). Is there an already ported plugin to use as an example?
Or a template?

3) Which plugins should be ported first? Is there a priority list? Is it
possible to port all plugins given the current list of GEGL operations? If
not, which are possible?

4) Is this a simple porting job or are there any documented desired
improvements to be made on the plugins?

5) Where should I go for help when I need it? :-)

Though I've worked as a C programmer for several years, I'm a bit rusty
after six years of spreadsheets and Gantt charts ... :-) On top of that,
I've never done any serious graphics programming (except for a couple of
classes back in college, over 15 years ago). So I'll need some time to get
up to speed. Hope that's alright.

I usually learn faster by working on something concrete, so I'd apreciate if
someone could point me to a couple of relevant but not too dificult plugins
to start on.

Thanks for any help!

Andreas Plath
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