Let me start by noting that although I was once pretty familiar with the
Gimp code, I haven't
looked at it in a couple of years.  That being said, this discussion is not
making sense to
me.  Plug-ins do not access Gimp core functionality directly, they use an
interface library
known as "libgimp".  When a plug-in uses libgimp, it sends messages to the
core telling the
core to execute specified commands.  To the best of my knowledge, libgimp
does not yet
contain an api that would allow plug-ins to directly invoke Gegl
operations.  What this all
means, unless I have missed something, is that there are basically three
ways to make
plug-ins use Gegl:

(1) Reimplement the core functions that libgimp invokes so that they use
Gegl operations.

(2) Reimplement libgimp so that it invokes Gegl operations.

(3) Add a Gegl api to libgimp and rewrite plug-ins so that they use the Gegl

These are very different approaches from a coding point of view.  Approach 1
requires no
changes in libgimp or in plug-ins.  Approach 2 requires changes in libgimp
but not in
plug-ins.  Only approach 3 requires that plug-ins be rewritten, and before
that can be
done it requires adding the needed api.  I frankly find it hard to believe
that approach 3
is the correct way to handle this, but one way or another, it ought to be

  -- Bill
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