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Jacek Poplawski <jacekpoplaw...@gmail.com> wrote:

> PS. CMYK is also best colorspace for skin color retouch by numbers,
> that's why I wanted to fix CMYK values in Gimp colorpicker, but there
> was big discussion on this mailing on this subject

Martin: I don't know if this originates with him, but a reference for
this can be found in "Skin" by Lee Varis. He describes a ratio of C-M-Y
which can be used to numerically adjust skin tone in an image. This
ratio appears to be based on PSes internal CMY(K) colour profile and
thus (I've since discovered) probably has no bearing on anything!

Jacek: My suggestion would be to use a calibrated monitor and an image
which has been curve adjusted in PS to get the skin tones numerically
"correct", and then to learn to do it by eye. I think that the
numerical method is good for starting out, but after a while you should
be adjusting to what *you* want, not what the numbers suggest! :-)

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