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> Those operations are:
> - Combining the alpha channel of the pure C, M, Y, K areas with the
> corresponding separated channel via screen blending mode.
> - Converting desired CMYK percentages to grayscale values and fill the
> selection (the alpha of the area that should have a specific CMYK)
> with the resulting values for each layer created by Separate+
> The resulting file will be perfectly fine, but reaching that point is
> tedious and several things can go wrong in the process.
> So, what if the ideas of spot layers is applied to Separate+, using
> naming conventions to define what to do with them?

This approach you outline would solve most of the use cases I have for
CMYK (overprint, underlay (for dark substrate), one or more CMYK as
spot/solid color, rich black).

What I really miss from photoshop is the poorly-named "apply image"
command.  It basically allows you to combine any two channels using
the available blending modes (Multiply, Screen, etc.).  Right now, I
have to do a lot of bouncing back and forth between layers, selections
and channels.  But that's probably well beyond the scope of what
you're suggesting so I'll shut up now ;)

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