On 2011-03-29 14:09, LightningIsMyName wrote:
> ** Default JPEG Quality (quickie, not a real topic) **
> Change to 95 2x1, and add a hack to save defaults (using something
> like the PNG plugin does, or something more elegant). Note that a
> decent system to save plugin defaults, along with other api changes,
> is not something that will happen for 2.8.

So you set the quality slider to 95 to ensure files will be big, but set
sampling to 2x1 to ensure the image quality will be poor? I don't see
the sense in this.

Also the JPEG export plug-in has had a stored default for years. What
are you trying to add?

Note that if the source file is JPEG the plug-in offers similar settings
to the originating file by default. You can still click "load defaults"
to override it.

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