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> Since GEGL structures its operations in tree form, what you may want
> to think about is that you want to display a tree in a form
> understandable by a user.

GEGL does not structure operations in a tree form but as a graph, the
XML file format of GEGL uses a tree with clones. Both are valid
options, though there are some types of graphs that might be desirable
that are not possible to express as graphs. For an editor for
meta-operations (like unsharp mask, dropshadow etc. a proper graph
editor could be mose suited.)

> My personal take is that there probably is a topological sort
> algorithm which "effortlessly" leads to an easy to understand
> description of the tree in list form. (This list could then be broken
> up in "sublists."

GEGL already does this topological sort when saving the in memory
graph structure out to the tree in XML. But that does not have to
impinge on how a UI is done.

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