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> help me to understand. GIMP plugin authors will now be required to write
> their plugins in GEGL?

GIMP has for a long time (decade) been moving towards using GEGL for
it's imaging core. GEGL plugins do support higher bit depths like
16bit and 32bit floating point/high dynamic range. As of GIMP 2.6 you
can already use GEGL operations in place of GIMP plug-ins with the
GEGL tool, but GIMP has not yet migrated its storage of actual raster
layer data to GEGL. There might in the future be a GEGL operation that
permits running legacy GIMP plug-ins in a an "emulator" such emulated
execution will however be rather destructive to higher bitdepth images
as well as for strictly color managed workflows where the 8bit
limitations will be leading to data/precision loss.

> as of what version of GIMP, if anyone knows?

Hard to tell, but the actually useful plug-ins, and in particular the
ones shipping with GIMP should be migrated, to gain benefits like on
canvas preview, multi-threading and more.

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