Hi Alexia -

>> http://www.adaptablegimp.org
> Great, another fork... Interesting idea tho. Too bad it wasn't built
> as a plugin.

We would have loved to build it as a plug-in, but we need to 
significantly alter the toolbox's behavior, which is not possible with 
GIMP's plug-in architecture.

>> Binaries are currently available for Windows and Debian (32-bit).
> Show me the source. In git repository( or some other common version
> control system) form preferably. Also, what I notice is that its a

The source is available at the same place the binaries are. Making it 
available via git is a good idea. I'll see if we can put that in place 
in the upcoming weeks.

> fork off 2.6. Have you built it it so that it will work on upcoming
> 2.8? 2.6 is horribly obsolete when compared to even current slightly
> buggy 2.7, that can be considered to be in feature freeze  now.

Porting it to the more recent versions should not be that difficult. In 
the meantime, there should be more than enough to explore and play with 
in our current version.

We're especially interested in feedback on the feature set and how it 
does, or does not, integrate into your workflows. While low-level 
feedback on architectural decisions is useful, feedback on the 
interaction design and feature set is more useful to us at this stage.

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