On Sun, Jun 26, 2011 at 4:08 PM, Jeremy Morton wrote:
> When I open a non-GIMP format file, like a PNG, by drag-dropping it into
> GIMP, and then I edit it, I go to export it, by pressing ctrl+E... and
> nothing happens.  This is because what I actually have to do is select
> "File | Overwrite (filename.png)".
> Wouldn't it be more intuative to behave as if you'd just exported
> (filename.png), or whatever file you've just imported into GIMP, so that
> once you've edited it you can just press ctrl+E and easily export it
> back to its native format?

Intuition is unrelated.

IMO the distiction between exporting and overwriting is quite clear:
You can overwrite imported file or export it to save under a different
name. GIMP should not try to guess whether you are editing original
image or creating a new modification to be saved next to original

Alexandre Prokoudine
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