Alexia Death wrote:

> I would really hate it if Ctrl-E would overwrite after import even
> with confirmation.

right. we are never going to mix the 'backward' move of overwriting
the original, imported file (destructive move) with the 'forward'
move of starting/doing an export.

> What I personally expect to happen is to have the
> export dialog pop up just as the save dialog does letting me CHOOSE
> what I want to do.

yes, I was thinking the same after reading the input from
Jeremy today: what is needed is completing the equivalence between
saving and exporting:

if there is no exporting destination and ctrl-E is pressed, show
the dialog (as if ctrl-shift-E had been pressed). same for envoking
Save on an unsaved file, Save as is actually involved.

I will update the spec now to formalise this.


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