OK, well that's a terminology thing.  I meant export.  Why would you 
keep exporting it to a JPEG?  I was saying what you're saying; if you're 
opening/importing a JPEG with the intention of editing it and exporting 
it, it only makes sense to save a lossless (probably XCF) before you get 
started.  The criticism of ctrl-E writing to the original file seems to 
be that you'll lose the quality of the original JPEG, but if you're 
doing that without having first saved a lossless copy, your workflow 
is... probably flawed.

Best regards,
Jeremy Morton (Jez)

On 30/06/2011 14:09, Alexia Death wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 30, 2011 at 3:40 PM, Jeremy Morton<ad...@game-point.net>  wrote:
>> Also I would imagine any sensible user would always save a lossless version
>> of a lossy-format image before editing it and saving.
> Why would I save it lossless somewhere BEFORE editing a file Ive
> imported from a JPG? The loss has already happened, I can always get
> the exactly same quality for this particular file from the JPG. After
> editing the only sane format to SAVE to is xcf. Not only is it
> lossless, you wont lose any of the layers/objects you have made in the
> process.
>>   If you're directly
>> opening a JPEG for editing and then lossy-saving it somewhere else, what are
>> you thinking?!  You're going to keep losing quality.
> You dont SAVE to lossy format. You export. Save is to xcf - the only
> sane starting point for future editing.
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