Well "feature" freeze is a wide term. Currently only Gimp (app and lib) is
in feature freeze (If I haven't missed a mail). 

Functions such as IS, Bezier, Airbrush, brush scaling, context etc.. is
not finished. For me a feature freeze is when you stop add new
functionality. It's not when you change how a tool work (e.g moving Simons
curve tools to IS). It is not when you make the brush scaling work etc.
Neither can feature freeze stop you from e.g cleaning up the menu
paths for e.g plugins.

Changing icons is not (in my view) a new feature (adding a new tool is).

Cheers Olof   


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On Mon, 25 Oct 1999, Carey Bunks wrote:

>     Sven> Hi, would somebody cry and whine if I check this in:
>     Sven> http://sven.gimp.org/files/lc_new_icons.png
>     Sven> IMHO a little facelift can't hurt and the anchor does fit
>     Sven> better with the Gnome icons. =
> I don't object to changing the icons but I'm against it for the 1.2
> release.  I think that since the GIMP is in feature freeze the only
> changes should be to eliminate bugs.  This is an important point for
> folks who are working on documentation, i.e., those working on GIMP
> books.  
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