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> On Mon, Oct 25, 1999 at 08:43:48PM -0400, Zach Beane - MINT <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > shortsighted. You never know who might be using something in a way
> > you didn't think of. Err on the side of freedom next time.
> Many sliders in the gimp also have a rather limited range (brush
> size max. 100 points for example).

Yes, there are clearly many entirely arbitrary constants in the GIMP.

> Just increasing the range is not sensible however.
> How about logarithmic sliders? These would allow us to increase the
> dynamic range drastically while not loosing accuracy.

In some cases this might make sense.

An easier option in many cases is to put a spinbutton on the value of
the slider, so you can set the value coarsely with the slider, and
then tune it with the spinbutton arrows and/or by typing in the value.

In general, I prefer to type in numbers on a binary scale instead of
dragging a decimal slider. For example, I'd like to see the Opacity
slider in the Layers dialog be a slider+spinbox with a range of

Maybe something n Preferences could let the user select whther you
want ranges to be 0..100%, 0..255, or 0..FF.

Perhaps there could be a GimpSliderSpinEntry widget that would let you
right-click to select the base and linear/log/exp scale - and these
settings could be saved in prefs.

Just my silly $0.02.


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