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> On Tue, Oct 26, 1999 at 09:24:42PM +0300, Sven Neumann wrote:
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> > I'm pretty sure there is no (visible) grid that can't be generated with the
> > new interface. But I agree that it might be easier to specify a negative 
> > offset then to calculate the positive offset that leads to the same result. 
> I use it frequently to generate horizontal bars a few pixels apart. I don't
> want any vertical bars, so setting a -1 offset and making it image_width+2
> spacing does the trick.

It sounds to me like horizontal/vertical line checkboxes are called
for in this case. Maybe also a checkbox for vertices so you can make
dot-grids, or even a size value for checkboxes so you can make

Like this:

 | Grid                                                               |
 |                                                                    |
 |  [x] Horizontal line: width [1 +-]  spacing: [1 +-]  colour [pick] |
 |  [x] Vertical line:   width [1 +-]  spacing: [1 +-]  colour [pick] |
 |  [x] Intersections:  length [1 +-]  spacing: [0 +-]  colour [pick] |
 |                                                                    |
 |        [    OK    ]                     [  Cancel  ]               |

The checkboxes on the left toggle H/V/I on and off. The 'width' spinbox
lets you pick the line width (or should it use the current brush?).
The 'spacing' spinbox lets you set the distance between the lines. The 
colour is pretty self-explanatory. The 'length' for the Intersections
would set the length of the arms of the crosses, and the 'spacing'
would set how far out from the middle of the cross they started.

So, with just Intersections checked, length=3 and spacing=2 you would
get a grid of crosses like this, spaced apart by the H and V spacing


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Another $0.02 :)


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