Hi Xach,

> The real-life units in the grid plugin are nice.
> However, removing the ability to a) start with a negative offset  b) exceed
> the image size and  c) remember the last used unit have rendered this plugin
> completely useless for what I usually use it for.
> Removing options just for the sake of removing options is pretty
> shortsighted. You never know who might be using something in a way you
> didn't think of. Err on the side of freedom next time.

You know very well that the reason wasn't to remove options...

I'm pretty sure there is no (visible) grid that can't be generated with the
new interface. But I agree that it might be easier to specify a negative 
offset then to calculate the positive offset that leads to the same result. 

What do you think about this:

 offset range:  -image ... +image
   size range:  image ... 2*image

where image means image_width or image_height respectively. I will also look
if there's a reasonable way to make the plug-in remember the unit.

Salut, Sven

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