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> On Wed, Nov 17, 1999 at 11:07:33AM +0000, Adam D. Moss wrote:
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> > Just a quick note since I don't have the email which
> > I accidentally sent to Nick but meant to send to the
> > list here with me at work...
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> > Since the patch to generate multiple thumbnails
> > went in, the load-image-generate-thumbnail cycle
> > occurs twice when you ask for a single thumbnail.
> > Needless to say, that makes thumbnail generation
> > half as fast.
> I know people hate me popping into stuff like this, but I find the
> many-thumbnails-thing _very_ useful. Speed is not _that_ big issue from my

That was my point of view, when I decided to take my first look on
the gimp source. 

This was the first time I looked on the gimp-source, so be
pleased with me... ;-)

I rewrote the patch  so the dirty code got cleaner. (Look at the
atchm. Diff against original gimp-1.1.11)

I check each list-entrys selection. If it is selected I do the
preview. Is there anything wrong?? (They do (nearly) the same in the
file open-callback. Where the code is _strange_, too.)

I can't reproduce this "double creating" bug, anyway.
(Can anyone point me how to do it...???)

> perspective, though all waiting sucks.. But it is sometimes really handy
> when you have a dir full of images and need to know what one to load..
> (no, xv's Visual Schnautzer is great (recursive thumbnail creation) but it
> doesnt do .xcf)
> I know about the freeze. Just my feedback on this thing.
> Tig
> PS. How hard is the menu reorganization to do? Just changing the register()
> stuff on plugins? Would it be possible for me to do some part of it? Just
> remember I dont know half a jack about C, but I can read it and replace
> strings
> :)
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Thanks all for the GIMP! ;-)

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