Rene Rebe wrote:
> I rewrote the patch  so the dirty code got cleaner. (Look at the
> atchm. Diff against original gimp-1.1.11)

No attachment!

> I check each list-entrys selection. If it is selected I do the
> preview. Is there anything wrong?? (They do (nearly) the same in the
> file open-callback. Where the code is _strange_, too.)

Suggest how to make it less strange (and still work). :)

> I can't reproduce this "double creating" bug, anyway.
> (Can anyone point me how to do it...???)

It's simple enough -- select a single image from the file
list, hit the thumbnail button.  The file will be loaded
twice and the thumbnail will be written twice.  Watch stdout
for a big clue.

Don't try it with the latest CVS version though, because the bug
is already fixed. =)

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