On Fri, 19 Nov 1999, Marc Lehmann wrote:

> Is there a way to disable the libgimp signal handlers? (Yes, I could add
> a disgusting hack myself, but I don't want to). They do not serve any
> purpose that a coredump wouldn't as well (so I don't see the advantage).


> - in 99% of the cases, they result in an endless loop, which requires me to
>   switch the terminal and kill it manually. This is my main concern.


YES.  IMHO, This is a serious problem ... on my system, I have a
development version of gimp running, and it is very irritating to have to
always make sure that I'm running it in an xterm.

This is especially bad if one happens to be in a menu at the time of a
crash.  My kid-sister knows what to do with coredumps ('pine -attach core
glyph, "Gimp Crashed!"') but the screen locking up and making her cursor
unusable is too confusing.  I believe this behavior is equally confusing
for many naive users. If all of the GIMP's windows suddenly vanish and
there's a core, that says "Gimp Crashed".  If the cursor is frozen and you
can't click on anything, that says "linux (OK, OK, freeBSD, Solaris,
whatever...) crashed". Perhaps we should even have a pretty dialog a-la
GNOME saying "GIMP is dead.  Would you like a backtrace?", but the current
method for handling signals is bad.

Thank you, Marc, I thought I was the only person who believed that this
was a problem :-).


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