On Thu, 3 Feb 2000, Andrew Kieschnick wrote:
>> I use SuSE Linux 6.2. I have 128 MB RAM. I use the default values for
>> tile caching. I have a EIDE IBM 6,4 GB and 10 GB. I use on both a 128
>> MB partition as swap.
>You should definitely increase your tile cache size from the default 10mb. 
>It should help performance.
Yes, you're right. ;)

However I've noticed that GIMP 1.1.15 has a little bug when changing this
value with the Preferences dialog. It seems to be fixed to 10Mb, the only way
is changing manually gimprc. ;)
I've discovered this bug this morning, I'm not sure at all is a true bug,
I haven't checked the sources yet.
Anyone experienced the same problem?
Happy GIMPing!
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