On Tue, 1 Feb 2000, Raphael Quinet wrote:

> My personal opinion: I'm all for using some of the GNOME things
> (especially gnome-font, gtk-pixbuf and gnome-canvas) as long as they
> do not have any dependencies on ORBit or other stuff that is difficult
> to compile on non-Linux systems or stuff that is simply not needed.

Well, the *best* solution would be to try to fix ORBit so that it would
compile on other systems more easily.  I don't think this would be too
difficult, but I don't have any time to volunteer ... so I cast my
sympathies with your suggestion.

Let's keep in mind that all that 'bloat' in gnome actually *does*
stuff.  Once the object-model has solidified and CORBA actually starts
happening between desktop components on a large scale, being able to send
GIMP script commands from other applications, for example, would be

I don't know how compatible mico is with ORBit -- but it seems to me like
after these respective implementations have some apps written for them, it
should be possible to write a GNOME/KDE compatibility layer that would
even allow apps from different desktop heritages to talk to each other.  
So when we speak of 'taking a side in the desktop war', keep in mind that
whichever side you're on, you have functionality that the other side can
exploit... it would be easier for KDE to interface with "some GNOME
application" in the future than for it to develop seperate interfaces for
GNOME and the GIMP.  Where would the bloat be then?

Even if you can deceive people about a product through misleading statements,
sooner or later the product will speak for itself.
- Hajime Karatsu

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