On Tue, Feb 01, 2000 at 02:58:29PM -0600, Tim Mooney 
> In most cases, the response was along the lines of "your compiler is broken,
> it builds and works fine for me".

Hey, that's exactly the same argument kde people used to use ;->

BTW, I enjoy this flamewar very much, not because it's reasonable, but
because I am proud of being a gimp (= not gnome) developer. I might be
proud to be a gnome developer (if I were..), but not in this forum.

"gnome", just like "kde" are very much political terms nowadays, and it's
very nice to work on a projetc that just wants to be good, and is not
generally linked to some political term (even if the gnome&kde communities
themselves might feel the same).

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