On Tue, 1 Feb 2000 19:09:14 +0100 (MET), [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Raphael Quinet) said:

>This statement is ridiculous.  They are not claiming that they wrote
>the GIMP.  They just state that it will be included as part of the
>Gnome-Office suite.

You'd think they talk to the GIMP developers before making that claim,

>In case you did not know that, will this fact make you stop using the
>GIMP completely just because you think that some of the people on
>this list have GNOME stamped on their forehead?

No, but I will stop using the GIMP if it begins to require Gnome
libraries (or, actually, I will split development).

>My personal opinion: I'm all for using some of the GNOME things
>(especially gnome-font, gtk-pixbuf and gnome-canvas) as long as they
>do not have any dependencies on ORBit or other stuff that is
>difficult to compile on non-Linux systems or stuff that is simply not

If Gnome gets its act together and properly cleans up their library
offerings so it's not as monolithic and pointlessly dependent on ORBit
I'll consider using some of their utility libraries.  (GIMP really
should use libart, but until libart is easily available separately
from gnome-libs, we can't.)


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