On Wed, Feb 09, 2000 at 03:14:58PM +0000, Nick Lamb <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I'd like to change the Toolbox to do this:
> Can people please tell me why (technical or HCI reasons) I shouldn't

a) what does HCI mean? ;)
b) I always see programs do it the way gimp does it, so there must be
   something about it
c) you gave _no_ reason why?

> they are there. Comparison with other image editing apps (especially
> on Unix/Linux) is appreciated,

I think that the type of application should not influence the place where
the help button menu is placed.

So... I am not against this change, but I also see no reason to do it,
especially since that makes gimp different to other apps, and I think
there should be a very good reason for this.

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