> On a related subject, I want to express that I'm not very content with the
> latest changes to the toolbox since it is now impossible to have a 
> horizontal toolbox with the colorselectors at the right side. 
> The default setup we shipped with until now was never intended to be a
> solution, since having 3 columns of icons with the selectors packed to the
> right wastes a lot of space. So this setup was more or less an accident.
> IMHO there are only two useful setups: One is to have the toolbox vertically
> layed out with the tools in 3 columns and the selectors below. Alteratively
> you could (can't anymore) lay it out horizontally with 2 rows of tools and
> the selectors placed to the right. I know the old setup was broken from the 
> beginning, but the recent changes IMHO render the whole idea of having a 
> configurable toolbar useless.
> I'd vote for the following solution: Completely get rid of the interactive
> resizing (since it obviously can't be fixed to work correctly) and offer 
> two alternative layouts (as described above) which are switchable from the 
> preferences dialog. The horizontal layout would have a Help menu and probably
> even a Dialogs menu, while the vertical layout would add these as entries to 
> the File menu (or probably Xtns for the Help menu).

I wouldn't mind seeing an option to use or not use the selectors.  When
I'm using the gimp (and I am not sure if I'm alone here or not) I have the
brushes/gradients/patterns dialoge open if I am using them a lot, and
having the selectors shown at all sometimes is a waste.  From what I can
see, they do is provide a) a visual cue as to the current selections and
b) a quick way to open up the dialogs correct?  Well those things I can
see from the open dialoge windows anyway.  What would be more useful for
me would be a mini-popup window (similar to the nav window in the btm
right of the image window) that pops up, lets you select, and when you've
selected it dissapears.  This would, IMHO, save desktop space with the
toolbar, and make the selectors a lot more useful.  

Giving people the option to use the selectors at all might be another
thing worth considering.

I must agree though (back on the toolbar resize thing) that once you find
something you like, you don't change it around a lot.

My $0.02, take it for what it's worth :)


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