On Thu, 10 Feb 2000, "Daniele Medri" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> about Toolbox resizeble.
> Flexibility is ok.. but some time create problems.
> Why don't set fixed sizes x*y to cover all the dimension of toolbar?
> This could be usefull to have right dimension and good rappresentation.

Unfortunately, this is not so simple.  Constraining the dimensions of
a window requires some cooperation between the application and the
window manager.  Under X, you cannot simply tell the WM that some
fixed sizes should be allowed for your window but not some others.

All non-broken window managers accept the following XSizeHints:
- minimum width and height
- maximum width and height
- size increment for width and height
- minimum aspect ratio
- maximum aspect ratio

That's it.  You cannot specify a list of allowed sizes.  You could try
to get close to that by specifying a size increment that is a multiple
of the size of the icons and by setting a minimum value for the width
of the window.

But that would not help: if you set the minimum width to 30 pixels or
so, then the menu is not usable.  If you set the minimum width to
something larger, then the menu may be usable but you are preventing
some users from using their favorite layout (it is very useful to have
a tall and narrow toolbox on the edge of the screeen).


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