> Sorry, but I disagree.  IMHO, there are more than two useful layouts.
> Maybe I am sick or strange or something, but actually I use different
> layouts for the toolbox on different computers, depending mostly on
> the screen size and window manager used.

That's why I actually send this mail at all. There are always people who
can think of other ways of doing things...

Your list looked interesting. But, you seem to ignore the menu problem. 
IMHO 2 columns is the absolute minimum since even then get problems with 
the Help menu. If we'd allow less than 2 columns, not even Xtns will be 
accesible any longer.

Right now, I'm favorising the columns-spinbutton idea. With a minimum of 2, 
we'd have a bunch of useful layouts:

the vertical group:
2 - 4: selectors packed vertically below the tools

the square group:
5 - 8: selectors packed horizontally, but still below the tools

the horizontal group:
9 - : selectors packed horizontally at the right side of the tools

My absolute favourite solution would be to reduce the number of tools to
24 and only allow the numbers 2,3,4,6,8,12 in the spinbutton. 

However since the idea to merge Pencil and Paintbrush was smashed, all 
I can think of is either merging rectangular and ellipse select or moving 
the Measure tool out of the toolbox. Either put it into the View menu or 
make it accessible through the info-window.

Salut, Sven

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