> > Maybe we should make it our problem.
> I agree ... as programs have gotten higher-level, "blame it on the
> hardware" has gone to "blame it on the operating system" to "blame it on
> the standard" to "blame it on the implementation" to "blame it on the
> toolkit".
> As someone who works with Java and Swing on a regular basis, I can
> certainly respect this =) but it really ought to be possible to put a
> few-line workaround into the GIMP so that people who use pixmap themes can
> still use this feature, no?

This is free software, you remember?! We do not have to wait and plea for
someone to fix the bugs in the library we rely on. Since we have the source
we can fix the bugs right at the place they originate. Workarounds may make
sense in the short-term (like we work around a bug in gtkitemfactory now 
that makes The GIMP crash), but in the long run they are mothing but cruft.
If this bug has already been fixed and a new theme-engine is available, I 
don't see why we should encourage people to continue using the broken code.

Salut, Sven

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