> I got the CVS version of The Gimp and I am ready to start.
> The Idea is to introduce an IPTC... button to the file filters
> for the file types that support IPTC data somehow (JPEG, TIFF)
> and to implement an filter to write .iptc image files.
> My questions so far: 
> Is someone else already doing this?
> If not: What do I have to do to get CVS write access for this?

My questions are: 

(1) What does IPTC mean?
(2) Can it be considered important enough to be included at the 
    current state? 

IMHO the answer to question (2) is NO, even without knowing 
the answer to question (1). The only change considered to go
into JPEG for 1.2 is gimp-cosmin-20000212.patch which I think
is a perfectly valid bugfix.

Salut, Sven

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