> > (1) What does IPTC mean?
> IPTC is short for "International Press Telecommunications Council". 
> They made a standard for incorporating information about images within
> the image files. 

Sounds like an interesting and useful extension.

> > (2) Can it be considered important enough to be included at the 
> >     current state? 
> Well, I have to admit that I didn't inform myself about GIMP's development
> state. Sorry if I ask during a feature-freeze.

Well, yes, we hope to bring out 1.2 soon, so we will not accept changes.
The good thing is that this doesn't stop you at all from developing a 
plug-in for the file-format and/or extending existing plug-ins. 

There is a gimp-plugins project at SourceForge which you might be
interested in, since they can provide you with web, ftp and cvs resources:

Salut, Sven

PS: I don't know why people decided to use the SourceForge resources 
    since we have all we need at gimp.org and cvs.gnome.org. But it
    turned out that people prefer SourceForge. Seems to be hip ATM.

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