> Hi,
> My questions are: 
> (1) What does IPTC mean?

IPTC is short for "International Press Telecommunications Council". 
They made a standard for incorporating information about images within
the image files. These informations are most important for photographers
and their agencies to exchange digital images.
Look for example at Adobe's PhotoShop. There you can type in some data
about an image (Caption, Photographer, Source, Categorization...) and
store it with that file. The format of this data is IPTC conformant.

> (2) Can it be considered important enough to be included at the 
>     current state? 

Well, I have to admit that I didn't inform myself about GIMP's development
state. Sorry if I ask during a feature-freeze.

> The only change considered to go
> into JPEG for 1.2 is gimp-cosmin-20000212.patch which I think
> is a perfectly valid bugfix.

There is no need to incorporate it into JPEG, because there is an
alternate image format (.iptc). It would just be nice to have it 
in there, too.

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