Raphael wrote on Mon, 13 Mär 2000:
>As an end-user, I prefer a stable application that may have less
>features than another that has more features but that crashes or
>complains that my system is not correctly configured.

Hey, this is, why the most of us don't use Windoze, I think ;-)))

>Back to the facts: currently, anyone installing the Gimp on a "normal"
>UNIX system (i.e. from any major Linux distribution, or Solaris, and
>so on, that has perl but not the optional modules from CPAN) gets a
>version of the Gimp in which a large number of options do not work.  I
>consider that as a serious bug.
>If a user does not have the opportunity to download and install the
>Perl modules from CPAN (no Internet connection, no administrative
>rights, whatever) then the best workaround for the moment is "make
>uninstall ; configure --disable-perl ; make ; make install".  This is
>not a good solution. 

Yes, this is really not a good solution!!!

What about making an extra package with all perl-modules required to run Gimp
with all powerfull features?  Someone (not me, because I don't even understand
what happens while perl installs some package:-(() can package all needed Perl
packages, make a simple but nice configuration (only install those packages not
present) and give any user (not only the perl wizards) the possibility to use
the whole power of Gimp.  Some addition to the ./configure could lead to a
message "You don't seem to have some important perl packages installed.  If you
wish to use Gimp with all it's power, grab 'gimp-perl-packages.tar.gz' and
install it.  Then run configure again."

And (don't take this seriously ;))) this can solve a lot of documenation

Uwe Koloska

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