>But then, Gimp is almost unusable on 640x480 anyway...

Screen shooter on steroids. ;]

>I do not like the blue very much. Yesterday I have changed the color to a 
>slightly less drastic orange. The Wilber with the helmet is cute. The 

Orange hits the user eyes. I do not like it, blue is too pale, but at least
orange can call user's atention. I have users that do not see anything,
except if it blinks, is red and beep a lot. You get the idea.

I prefer green... but that is a personal preference. Does the colour be
configurable to match local settings? I am away from Linux machines and I
have not installed latest Gimp yet ("baby users" leave few free time) so I
do not know all this. It will be interesting to be able to select color, in
the same way admin configures XDM or default session.

>why we decided to reuse the pixmap that is used for the icon was memory 
>usage. It doesn't really make sense to include a pixmap that is only used 
>once at the very first start of the program... We could change this to load 
>the pixmap from disk, but that might lead to other problems...

The helmet Wilber is really cool. And the placement is really better (title
left side, icon right side).

>> The defaults from gimprc are questionable IMHO. The default imagesize
>> is not specified and defaults to something around 950x760, which is
>> pretty close to my screen resolution. Maybe we should default to
>> something like 300x300 ?
>The image size default was changed to track down problems that only occur 
>with large images where width != height. Of course this will change before
>1.2 gets released.

Something like old 256 * 256.

>Are 8bit displays really an issue nowadays? But changing the default sounds

Only legacy hardware... and in the worse one I have it is 800 * 600, 16
bits. I doubt anybody will try to run in 8 bit to do graphics work now.

>> The default toolbox-layout is IMHO ugly. Should we default to the
>> layout with three columns? This has the positive effect that people
>> updating from Gimp 1.0 will not be confused unnecessary.
>The 3 column layout has the problem that the Help menu is not visible. Not 
>a very good choice for a default setting... 

Not really. But hey! Who read help docs in this world? Experts do not need
them, and newbies do not care... err... umm.. excuse me, I am having serious
problems with some local users here. Excuse me for my aggresiveness, but I
am really angry... you point them to the damn help or man page, and they do
not read. Ohh my god! >:[ Maybe we should forget all about CLI, GUI, 3D GUI
and go for mind reading interfaces, but I doubt they will read anything more
than noise in some user brains.


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